About Us

AlKhurais Company for Oud – is a company specialized in Oud and Perfumes and offers a wide range of types of oud, mamoul, oil perfumes mixed with high quality and open guarantee. Al Khurais has its factories in Al-Oud, Indonesia, and a group of qualified staff to serve excellent customers. Al-Khurais started its activities in the world of oud and perfumes and established its first branch in the Al-Ma’yqlia market for wholesale in Riyadh to sell oud and perfumes. Our team is innovative and very well suited to meet your needs wherever you are according to high standards of quality and service.

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OUR Mission

At Alkhurais, we know that reaching greatness doesn’t come surely, and you have to show to the world that you deserve it, and you have to put in mind that all single detail counts. We grow for achievement, diversity, elegance, and perfection in all our goods. To do that, we became productive with everything from the best product itself to taking unique designs for all our best perfume jars that maintain our Arabian culture & fashion.

OUR Vision

At AlKhurais, we proudly honor our Arabian Fashion & our one, and the just aim is to express it to the whole world in the most reliable way it should be. For us, we make that through our best products, and every fragrance takes a piece of fashion, culture, & traditions of the Middle East in global & the Arab world in particular. We always try to touch the highest levels of perfection. Whether it’s uniqueness or quality in our attractive products or the process, we collect our ideas to get the highest standards of competitiveness & touching the skies. Cherishing charming fragrances, velvet Touch, beautiful designs, & legendary creativity. Seeing the elegance in our customers’ eyes is our purpose.

OUR Values

Perfumes have ever been one of the things that unite all people in 1 harmony. Because we value the vital role of women & how hard it is to touch their level of elegance & achievement, we produced sure that we come up with a different collection for women to match every woman’s personality. When it comes to men, we know their various interests. How everyone has a separate soul; this is why we asked ourselves to make every single perfume capable of conveying their shapes, habits, characters, & desires. Fragrances come from various sources, and each scent matches the society from where it founds. The East has its beauty while the west is full of Creativity. We decided to come up with something unique by blending the elegance of the East with the Creativity of the West & surprise the East & the West with our Conception of chosen Perfumes.

OUR Strategy

At Alkhurais, we try for perfection. Also, our goal is to expand our Eastern Culture, and Great fashion includes in our perfumes throughout the entire world. We explain our rich culture into all our products. We explore the world from East to west, trying to get excellent Perfumes that no one has launched, and with our high expertise that we got several years, we present the Best OUD Quality that is unique to AlKhurais. Currently, we have branches over 11 City wise in Country. We desire to surprise the world with our exclusive scents, natural ingredients, & beautiful designs & packaging.

Your Needs & More

A vast world is a scent, but you can differentiate between perfume & another, one interests you, and shows your choice. Admittedly, this option, based on “sense of smell” & preference, has productive potentials in the scent industry. How your “perfume” Sure, fill your senses with pleasure, happiness, & confidence, and how to make you have a social impact on those nearby you, we at Alkhurais work on short details to make the spark, and spread the positive energy nearby you.